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Termite Inspections – Everything You Need To Know

Termites are insects that can cause extreme damage to any premises. A termite inspector is called to find out all past and present signs of termite damage. In addition to identifying activity, this inspector will also tell you how you can avoid any possible termite infestations in the near future. What are the different signs of termite infestations? Swarming signs – Swarms near any windows or doors imply the home is infested with subterranean termites. Flying swarms can usually be found Read more [...]

8 Uncommon Inspections – A Must for Your Property

"Don't judge a book by its cover" Every house that you are planning to buy should be worth your money. You may already be planning how to decorate your home to make it look as attractive as possible for you and your family to enjoy, but before you proceed, you must check the health of the building you propose to make your home. What if the roof comes crumbling down? What if the old owners hid a colony of mould under a patch? How disastrous can that crack become few months later? What if Read more [...]

Pool Safety Is Given High Importance in Queensland – A Checklist for You

On November 2nd, the media was reporting on the drowning incident of two sisters, Taya Young and Patricia Young, in their backyard swimming pool. They were reportedly playing in their swimming pool in their Kingston home in the Logan suburb, when the incident occurred. This tragedy can make us ponder on how to avoid having such an incident occur in pools. While a lot of Queensland homes are equipped with swimming pools, and most of them are fully fenced, including the Young residence, we still Read more [...]

Everything You Need to Know about Pest & Building Inspections and Inspection Reports

How Does These Inspections Work? After a purchaser has an accepted offer, they are able to do a pest & building inspection if it is a condition of the purchase contract. While most buyers are at wits end figuring out exactly what to do next, an inspection can easily help them figure out what it is that they need to check with the property to ensure it's a good buy. Typically, such an inspection occurs within a few days of an accepted offer. Buyers are allowed a specific amount of time to inspect Read more [...]

5 Things to Check Out for at a Pre-Purchase Building Inspection

It takes seconds for a dream to turn into a nightmare. You buy a property one day, the next day it can be not structurally sound and you end up with a huge bill. There are other costs over and above the cost of the property. If that is not what you want, here is what you can do. Start by getting a building inspector, who can help you with the issues of the building inspected first. They can definitely help you sort any issues out and help you come to the right decision of whether to purchase Read more [...]

Commercial Property Inspections Checklist – Things to Consider

Looking to buy a property for your new office or commercial outlet? In search of a space for an office block, warehouse, retail shop, small factory, community hall, childcare centre, school, restaurant or motel? There are numerous elements, components, aspects, areas that need a thorough check done to be sure of any structural defects and other identifiable issues posing a threat to your immediate investment in the near or far future. Building Systems Any commercial building inspection must include Read more [...]

How to Keep Your Home Safe This Winter with a Thermal Imaging Test

So, you noticed a little leak around that dark corner in the room. Although you might not notice the water damage immediately, bacterial and mold growth can begin in almost 24-48 hours of any moisture intrusion. "Moisture in homes has been identified again and again to be associated with respiratory problems and other detrimental health to people within homes," said Dr. Richard Shaugnessy, director of the Clean Air Program at the University of Tulsa. "There's mold, there's bacteria, and the dampness Read more [...]

Getting an Auctioned Property Inspected is Essential – Why?

A proper building and pest inspection is important for a building you are buying at an auction. Most often buyers believe that they'll get a deal at an auction. But how can you be confident that the property you are bidding for doesn't have major issues? It becomes vital for this building to have a detailed report in order to help you make informed choices, thereby saving you potentially thousands of dollars in terms of miscellaneous costs that you may not be aware of. Why is a Building Inspection Read more [...]

Pool Safety Inspections – What You Need to Know

Planning to buy or sell your house? Do you have a pool included the property? It is then mandatory for you to abide by the laws regarding pool safety inspections in order to meet NSW regulations. Most homeowners come to fail pool safety inspections owing to a few reasons:- Gate latches or hinges are not complaint Fences are not designed according to Australian Standards Gaps in fence are more than 100 mm There is a climbable barrier/fence No swimming pool safety signs visible Read more [...]

10 Things to Check Before You Buy a Home

ALL THAT GLITTERS IS NOT GOLD. Adages were coined by humans for humans to follow as examples to follow the path to righteousness. Adages can be used for almost any phase and situation in life including when would-be homeowners, who are looking to buy their piece of peace with their life-long savings, to purchase their dream-come-true-property. Walking through the front door of a place that you might call your home in the near future, it’s important for homeowners to not get swayed by the dazzling Read more [...]