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Pre-Purchase Building Inspection

Inspection of a building or home before purchase allows a buyer to get a detailed report  about the current condition of the structure. Investigating the overall quality and health of the property is vital before you invest as a buyer. A pre-purchase building inspection will allow a due diligence of the property from foundation to roof, from gardens to sewerage, from cornices to staircases. Everything is meticulously examined by the home inspectors.

Homes in the coastal belt including Brisbane and Gold Coast are inspected by Inspex. Our expert pre-purchase building inspectors will check the following carefully:

  • Interior of building
  • Exterior of building
  • Structures in the yard
  • Sub-floor space
  • Roof exterior
  • Roof space

The buyer gets a thorough analysis of any degree of damage caused due to water seepage, structural deformation and pest infestation. Complete termite detection is a major part of the survey of buildings in Queensland, especially the ones adjacent to bodies of water or trees and extremely damp areas. Scientific methods, like Thermal Imaging, are used for the purpose of pest detection. Thermal images give a clear idea of the condition of the various parts of the building and its immediate surroundings.

A detailed report, in simple language, is submitted to the home owner by the inspector.  All reports will be based on visual inspections making use of advanced methods. Our veteran home inspectors can also estimate the cost of repairs as they are registered builders. As a property buyer, you must ensure that the sum of the sale price of the property and the additional expense of repairs does not exceed the bank value of property in that particular area. By getting a pre-purchase inspection report, you become aware of the amount you will need to invest on damage repairs. This opens up opportunities for you to negotiate on the sale price with the property seller. And if you find the deal is inappropriate, you can step out to find a better property if this is a clause in your contract.

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