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Termite Inspection

Termite Inspection in Gold Coast & Brisbane

  • Termite Problem along the Queensland coastline

Residents of Southeast Queensland often find termite infestation destructively destroying and feeding on furniture and woodwork in their homes. Subterranean termites need to maintain a high level of humidity and temperature (25C to 35C) in their nest. Climate of the coastal region including Rockhampton, Gold Coast and Brisbane is favorable for growth and reproduction of species of termites, such as- Coptotermes acinaciformis, Coptotermes lacteus, Nasutitermes exitiosus and Heterotermes ferox.

  • Degree of Destruction Carried out by Termites

If they are in large numbers, they gradually build extensive or multiple colonies weakening the foundation of your building structure internally. It becomes difficult to get rid of them if not controlled at the very initial breeding stage. Sometimes huge and ugly mounds formed by several communities of these swarming pests are visible above the ground.

  • We Help You Detect Termite Infestation

Inspex Building and Pest Inspection Services, operating from Gold Coast and Brisbane have done thousands of pre-purchase building and pest inspections. Our experts are proficient in detecting these silent destroyers. Every corner, including trims, skirting boards, door jambs, window architraves, doors, cupboards, floorings, sub floorings, lawns, gardens, porticos, trees, tree stumps, hedges, fencing, verandahs, pillars, hanging beams and roofs are checked in detail. Extra attention is given to dead wood, timber piers, stored timber and damp areas close to wet areas, which are the favorite spots for termites.

  • Thermal Imaging Used to Generate Detailed Reports

With the power of Thermal Imaging technology and other advanced scientific tools for pest inspection, your prospective property is examined inside & out. Once done, the inspectors generate a detailed report in simple language using photos of what were found and state any fixes that need to be made. Having your home inspected before purchase saves you from committing to a property that may be an expensive mistake.

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